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  • Child Health Plus
  • Medicaid

Information You Need To Choose A Plan

  1. 2019 Premium Rates
    1. Individual premiums
    2. Couple premiums
    3. Family premiums
    4. Parent/Child premiums
  2. 2019 Out-of-Pocket Costs
    1. Qualified Health Plans
    2. Essential Plan
  3. NYS Provider and Health Plan Look-up
  4. If you would like to get an idea of what your tax credit might look like before completing an application or choosing a plan, please check out NY State of Health's Tax Credit and Premium Estimator. Please note that the rates and credits shown using this tool are for individuals and families - not for small businesses. Individuals do not qualify for tax credits in the Small Business marketplace.
  5. If you want to preview all plans before applying, go to: